Our Objectives

The issue of energy supply and energy efficiency is now on the agenda of different governments, national and international agencies and research institutes. Recently, due to unusual environmental and economic effects the topic energy and climate change became the highest priority for many countries.

The main objective of the non-profit organization CET is to investigate innovative approaches and technologies that increase the efficiency of the energy usage and contribute to environmental relief.

The organization CET wants to find these new solutions in cooperation with the industry and does not take a position against the commercial / industrial sector. We believe that only a cooperation can solve these major environmental / economic problems.

The organization is based on two major pillars:

  • a regional (Austria and its regions) and
  • international one.

The reason for this approach is simple. International institutes with high reputation (e.g. in the USA) are doing innovative research in the field of energy efficiency / renewable energy sources as well as other innovative technologies and are leader in their field. Sometimes, their research is years ahead to the research in Austria. Strategic partnerships can increase the benefits for Europe and Austria.

Furthermore, the non-profit organization should be a catalyst and brings together international companies / research institutes. CET provides them with a research and communication platform.

Figure 1 shows the sphere of activity.

Figure 1: The non-profit organization CET and its sphere of activity.